Retirement Plan Separation

In a separation, it is critical to understand the pro's and con's of an immediate settlement or a Quadro for a future date of settlement of retirement plans.


Understanding the expense of your new lifestyle is key when negotiating key details of your separation.

Divorce Checklist

Your advisor can provide a divorce checklist to remind you of the administrative task you need to handle when planning to divorce.

Guidance Through Major Life Changes

Before finalizing a divorce it is important to understand how much money you will need to live on, your advisor at Simplified Financial can help you determine a budget for your new lifestyle. This budget can help you and your attorney demonstrate the appropriate level of support as well as determine the financial effects divorce may bring. Your advisor will also offer professional insight on the pros and cons of various divorce settlements. When evaluating retirement plans that may be separated during a divorce, understanding the possible tax and penalties of plan distributions are important for you to make the best decisions for your future.